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You’ll need more than raw talent and technical prowess to advance in your career. You'll need to know how to operate at the executive level, which requires proficiency; a thought process and capacity to make sound, high stakes business decisions. In this Strategic Decision Making Workshop, you’ll gain the thinking and decision making skills to run a sound team, division or business unit. You'll become a leader with vision that can take things to the next level!


This program is about what to think and how to think when faced with business challenges. You’ll take on the role of an executive of a fictitious company! You’ll work with a team to make decisions in response to a variety of situations you may face in this role using the tools and strategies presented.  You will gain more confidence and a higher level of proficiency in the decision making process as a result.

What You Will Learn

You will learn: 

The Decision Making Process

  • The key proficiencies associated with making sound operational and strategic decisions.
  • The key behaviors and thought processes that go into making decisions that will foster successful execution strategies with attention to the bottom line. 


How to make decisions that will help you:

  • Create a Customer Focused Enterprise
    • Engage your customer base to ensure brand loyalty and advance your competitive edge.
  • Move on Business Opportunities
    • Discern the viability of business opportunities to determine which to pursue.
    • Think through new market expansions, the launching of new products and services while addressing your appetite for risk.
  • Create an Innovative Culture
    • Stretch others' thinking and create an atmosphere that supports and implements new ideas.
  • Implement a Strategic Direction
    • Establish a direction that leverages resources, market drivers, organizational values, economic conditions and emerging technologies to promote long term business growth.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Directors or Individuals Transitioning into Executive or Similar Roles



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