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Onsite Services

We can customize and facilitate training; or consult with your group at your location. Contact us today: 1-877-386-6451.

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We will:

Assess: We will hold a preliminary conversation to conduct an official PLA (Pre Learning Analysis). Best practices and current trends in Communications, Management/Leadership and Customer Service will be discussed during this meeting.

Design: We will study the data and create a tailored program with specially designed activities and strategies that focus on the learning objectives and expected performance outcomes.

Develop: We will develop the curriculum, which ensure greater comprehension and application of content.

Implement: We will facilitate the course content and solicit verbal feedback throughout the session to ensure a positive response to the learning and application of content.

Evaluate: Learners will be given a level 1 assessment at the end of the training. The information from these evaluations will be shared with the Subject Matter Expert and /or Point of Contact for your organization and will allow us to make changes in facilitation processes or content for subsequent sessions.


Training classes will include a combination of the following :

Learning Team Discussions: We will help you gather best practices on core objectives; itemize challenges and develop workable solutions for those challenges.

Individual/Group Activities: We will provide tools and strategies to help you develop action plans that address objectives. You'll engage in peer reviews and receive feedback on how you've used what you've learned to address work place challenges.

Instructor Coaching Sessions: These sessions are included when you execute activities. We will help you modify your action plans and/or strategies.

Reflection on Learning: We’ll ask you to outline your most important “take aways” from the session by responding to written questions or in open discussion in learning teams. Additionally, our training is:

  • Motivational
  • Highly interactive

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