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About Us

TIPPD, INC. (The Institute of Personal and Professional Development) established in 2003, provides Communication and Executive Performance programs with a holistic approach in mind. We recognize that people come to business with a behavioral, emotional, and cognitive infrastructure that will impact what they think, how they think and how well they perform. Therefore, our programs work to address the whole person from the inside out as well as skills gaps to improve personal and organizational performance.

Stand Out and Move Ahead in Your Career, Your Business, Your Life!

There's "what we know" and "what we know how to do." While we teach the "what," which leads to knowledge transfer, we focus on the "how" to help people apply their learning well. We infuse content and our unique, interactive, problem based instructional strategies enable transformation with demonstrative improvement in skill and behavior.

Our Mission

Commitment to our Clients

Our goal is to provide individuals, teams, and organizations with personal and professional development services that will maximize comprehension, retention, and application of content. It is also to provide exceptional service at an affordable rate.

Our Vision

Aspiration for our Clients

Our aim is to provide personal and professional development services that will help individuals, teams and organizations crystalize their vision and embark upon and successfully complete a journey that will lead to the fulfillment of life and organizational goals.

Our Philosophy

Thoughts that Influence our Practice

We believe in life-long learning. This belief stems from a fundamental philosophy applicable to all people and that is: All we know is what we have been taught and what we have experienced. All that we know isn't all there is to know, and much of what we know may fall short of being right. Therefore, we believe in the continual pursuit of knowledge and learning experiences that will lead to personal and professional development.

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